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Creating Healthy Homes in Suffolk

"The work project:HOMES did for us was a wonderful experience. I’m grateful for everything that’s happened and our whole relationship," said Bill Scott, site manager for the William H. Plummer Plaza, a public housing facility in Suffolk for disabled individuals and those over the age of 62.

The Energy Conservation staff had the pleasure to work with Bill and his team at William H. Plummer Plaza. The housing facility connected with project:HOMES during their search for an organization that could help upgrade their heating and cooling systems while improving the air quality in their six buildings. The facility opened in 1989 and was in need of an upgrade. They wanted to provide healthier living environments for all of their 52 residents.

"project:HOMES evaluated all our needs and then they came up with a plan," said Bill. While working with new safety measures adopted during the pandemic, the Weatherization Program worked diligently on the large-scale project.

The project:HOMES crew began by evaluating the heating and cooling systems in each of the 49 units. Each unit includes its own self-contained heating and air conditioning system called a Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC). Our crew serviced every residents' PTAC unit to improve the heating and cooling for each home.

project:HOMES also evaluated the air quality and found some units had excessive carbon monoxide emissions. To improve the air quality, our crew installed Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) systems. They draw clean, fresh air into a home and remove stale air. The crew also mounted new range hoods in each unit to remove odors, irritants and grease that are expelled into the air during cooking.

“One of our residents noticed a difference right away. She’s asthmatic. Once the ERV was operational, she said her headaches went away," said Bill, who was pleased with the project:HOMES staff and all the work that was done. “It was flawless,” he said. “Improving the air quality will be really helpful for the residents.”

project:HOMES also installed 40 new refrigerators and replaced the failing hot water heaters in the residents’ units.

“They were able to get everything done,” said Bill. "It was effortless, just a really good experience all around.”

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