In 2018, project:HOMES became the first area nonprofit to build an affordable net-zero home with solar panels. The home pictures above was built in just 3 1/2 days! Thanks to a generous grant from Wells Fargo, we are building 7 more in Carver. Each home we build uses about 10,000 KWH of electricity annually, which is 50% less than an average home. Having already made our homes as energy-efficient as possible, we have decided it is time to expand to a sustainable energy source. Each home we build with solar will produce just as much energy as it consumes and save low-income households from paying energy bills. 

Interested in sponsoring solar panels for an affordable home?

It costs us $21,000 to put solar panels on an affordable home.

Help us help low-income homeowners save energy and money by sponsoring solar for a home.

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