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Durwood Usry is a pioneer in housing innovation and was influential in transforming the manufactured housing industry. He dedicated his entire career to manufactured housing and improving the quality of affordable housing. project:HOMES is privileged to have worked with Durwood, who served as our Manufactured Housing Technical Advisor from 2018 - 2021. project:HOMES has deep gratitude for Durwood's contributions to our work, including strides in construction innovation, the purchase and redevelopment of Bermuda Estates Manufactured Home Community and the close relationships Durwood developed with project:HOMES clients. Durwood's impact will never be forgotten and his life's work will live on through the Durwood Usry Fund for Housing Innovation and the guidance, expertise and love that he has passed on to project:HOMES.

All donations made to the Durwood Usry Fund for Housing Innovation will be directed towards research and experimentations in future housing innovation. 

Donations can be made by clicking the button below. 

Please indicate in the drop down menu for your donation's designation that funds are to be directed to the Durwood Usry Fund for Housing Innovation. 


Mobile Home Vision.png


Led by Director of Housing Innovation, Zack Miller, the Mobile Home Replacement Program serves  Chesterfield County. Earlier this year, our team improved the life of this Chesterfield resident with a high-quality manufactured home. (See above) The unit was provided by Fleetwood Homes and the roofing, porch, and final exterior features were done by our team. 


To reach more low-income households in need of home repair, project:HOMES started a Mobile Home Repair Program two years ago, funded by the City of Richmond and Chesterfield County. Work includes sealing roofs, replacing unstable floors and installing heating and cooling systems. 

Gerardo Martinez and his wife (pictured above), who had lived in the Mobile Town manufactured home community for 15 years, had been burdened by a deteriorating floor, porch that was rotten, and a broken central heating system. project:HOMES installed a new central air heat pump system for Gerardo and it immediately brought comfort for the family. He’s seen a drastic reduction in his electricity bills and says he can now start saving money. “This has changed everything. Now we can sleep well, it’s very nice,” he said.“Thank you very much to all of you who make our dreams come true. Now we don’t have anything bad to worry about in the house. Everything is so much better. I feel good in my little house. Comfort.”


Thanks to our partner indieDwell, who are experienced in building shipping container homes, we were able to manufacture our first shipping container home in the Blackwell neighborhood on Richmond's south side. indieDwell donated the shipping container while project:HOMES built the foundation and constructed the house on-site. This was sold at an affordable rate and is now home to happy residents. 


Project Manager, Justin Randolph (now, Director of Home Repair) oversaw the assembly and construction of project:HOMES' first modular home. The components of a modular home are built of-sight and then assembled on-site. Our team worked with Virginia Homes of Boydton, a company which creates high-quality components for modular homes. It has since been placed on the market and will be an affordable option for a Highland Park resident. 

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