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Affordable, safe housing plays a critical role in the health and well-being of children, adults and seniors. Where and how people live is a social determinant of health that can have long-term impact. Low-income households are more likely to lack the resources for preventative measures in the home environment: and deferred maintenance leads to the development of various health hazards. We're addressing home health and safety concerns for families who would otherwise not be able to address them on their own. The modifications that we provide not only alter the health and safety outcomes for these families but also increase the affordability of remaining in their homes. 








  • Plumbing and electrical work

  • Replacing rotted flooring

  • Roof repair

  • Replacing and/or repairing unsafe porches, steps and railings




  • Do you live in the Home Repair service area? (see map below)

  • Are your property taxes current?

  • Do you own your home? (If there are multiple owners listed on your Deed, more than half of the listed owners must live in the home. Example: if the Deed lists three (3) owners, at least two (2) owners must live in the home to qualify.)

  • Do you income qualify? (see income guidelines below)

Add your name to our waiting list today!


Many of our Home Repair Programs have waiting lists for service.  You will not be eligible to receive a Home Repair Program Application until your name reaches the top of the waiting list.  The sooner you are added to a waiting list, the sooner project:HOMES will be able to send you a Program Application.  To check your wait time or status on a waiting list, please call (804) 612-3350


Wait times for Home Repair Program Applications depend on locality, funding, and County/City rules and may vary greatly depending on the location of your home and program eligibility.


Important Note: income, property tax, and ownership requirements will be evaluated when you are eligible to receive your Program Application, not when your name is added to our waiting list.

here's how we address health & safety in the home:

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